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Establishing a high quality and effective distance learning platform for biomaterials students.

What we are trying to achieve?

CVL4OT project aims to create a Biomaterial course with a new virtual laboratory learning and teaching platform with a website and mobile application as a modern training model;


Designing an up to date Biomaterial training programme and the training toolkit.


A dynamic online Biomaterial course teaching and learning platform .


Pilot-testing the Biomaterial course programme and collecting evaluation from participants .


To use robots digitally and to do the experiment in this way.


Investigating into needs for online teaching and training and best-practice examples with multinational teachers 


To learn from a more productive online teaching platform which is combined with a variety of stimulus.


To accept online teaching as a new fruitful and enjoying platform for learning

What we are thinking about “Creating a virtual laboratory for online teaching” Project?

Rabia Çakır Koç

President of TUSEB Turkish Biotechnology Institute

“Education and training activities have changed rapidly and humanity has begun to think about how we can adapt.

Here in this project, it emerged as a project that tries to show how we can overcome these difficulties with 4 countries and 5 partners in different cultures during these difficult times. These uncertainties in education have taught us how we can use online education in applied education.”

Christophe Egles

Professor in Biomechanics and Bioengineering (BMBI) department at UTC

“The CVL4OT project goes further in the development of new pedagogical methods by proposing a hybrid model mixing virtual courses and practical training based on additive manufacturing.

We can imagine a near future where European research laboratories can create and transfer technical objects directly from one laboratory to another for the rapid advancement of biomaterials for tissue engineering: a polymer matrix designed in Barcelona can be printed the next day by additive manufacturing in Compiègne, Bucharest or Istanbul for physicochemical characterization or biocompatibility tests.”

Román Pérez Antoñanzas

Director for Bioengineering Institute of Technology at UIC Barcelona

“As the coordinator of the undergraduate Bioengineering program at UIC Barcelona, our students have suffered the difficulties to fully immerse themselves in the biomaterials world. The practical lectures in labs were especially affected, limiting the students to get the technical skills required. The current project can be a game changer providing students the opportunity to have hands-on experience despite being at home and to learn from different professionals in the biomaterials world as well as interacting with different countries and cultures.”

Denisa Ficai

Professor in Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science at UPB

“The project will provide Biomaterials students with the virtual laboratory for online teaching to create opportunity for their learning and extending their acquisition from multinational teacher from Europe and Asia. We experienced has stimulated our ability to develop and use technical means for virtual yet interactive scientific teamwork. We are confident that this approach will be continued and perfected and will generate complete or complementary online courses and applications in the near future.”

Our Partners

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