ERASMUS+ Strategic partnership Project “Creating a virtual laboratory for online teaching (CVL4OT)” first Learning/Teaching/Training (LTT) activity was held on Marmara University.

The LTT took place on February the 14th and 17th with 16 participants at Marmara University, Istanbul. We had a three-day physical workshop in Istanbul, Türkiye. We had a very fruitful week with our Project partners from The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (Spain), University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (Romania), The University of Technology of Compiègne (France) and Yıldız Technical University (Türkiye).  Partners are informed about Marmara University, they participated in a workshop, each researcher gave a speech on their current research and they also joined new project development brainstorming activity.

Project partners also agreed on the next meeting date. The next LTT activity will be held in Spain in May, 2022.