University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest – UPB

University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest – UPB represents the largest technical university from Romania, and among the biggest in South-Eastern Europe, having a history of over 200 years and an excellent tradition in education and scientific research.

UPB has the mission to bring together education, training and scientific research. The role of this intersection is to increase knowledge and innovation, two key concepts of knowledge-based economy and society. The most important mission of the university is to produce knowledge through scientific research. It applies the theoretical and practical knowledge in the professional training of the students, with the aim of initiating them in the chosen field. Our university count ~2100 R&D personnel from which ~1200 hold at least one PhD diploma; ~ 450 PhD students, over 100 postdoctoral researchers and ~1700 teaching staff.

University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest has concluded over 85 cooperation protocols with similar worldwide universities, located especially in European Union, Asia and United States of America. UPB is an active member in projects with international financing, such as: Horizon, ERA Net, COPERNICUS, PECO, FP5, FP6, FP7, NATO, CORINT, COST. The research programs of UPB were supported mainly by competitive national and international projects. During the last decade, its research infrastructure was strongly consolidated by implementing 6 Research Platforms for Master and PhD studies in Nanomaterials, Energy & Environment, Biotechnologies, Computing, Transportation and Quality Assessment and two research Centres: PRECIS devoted to IT and CAMPUS devoted to an integrative research approach including 41 R&D laboratories.

Denisa Ficai

PhD University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest 2010

Denisa FICAI, Assoc. prof. dr., graduates the Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science in 2005, the master course “Special Inorganic Synthesis”, in 2007 and the postdoctoral stage (postdoctoral thesis was “Multifunctional nanomaterials”) in 2013 at the same faculty.

Denisa FICAI is focused in the field of bio and nano materials as well as polymeric materials designed for various medical and industrial applications. The obtained results were published in over 110 scientific papers in ISI journals and 5 books and two chapters of the books. She also was part of the research teams of the 24 national projects, being project manager for 5 of them. In all of these projects Denisa FICAI was involved in activities such as: development of new routes of synthesis of new materials as well as characterization of these materials. Her inventive and innovative activity was rewarded with over 100 prizes awarded by the international Jury or by different Delegations (China, Hong-Kong, Turkey) at world leading innovation events.

Anton Ficai

PhD University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest 2009

Anton FICAI, prof. dr., PhD Advisor, is full professor at University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science. He starts his career as PhD student in 2006 (and graduate in 2009) and promoted to full professor in 2018 after defending his habilitation in chemical engineering in 2015. He graduates in 2005 the Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science as a valedictorian.

His research interest is related to the design and development of nano(bio)materials, drug delivery systems, surface modification, etc. He was involved in over 40 national or international research projects being project manager for 10 of them. In reward of his scientific activity he received many distinctions: including “In Tempore Opportuno”, The Best Foreign Innovation Award, Platinum Award, Jury Award, IFIA along with other over 100 medals and special prizes.

The overall publishing track includes 240 entries in Web of Science; the H index is 29 (based on ISI Thompson) while the number of citations is over 2550 (without self-citations).

Ovidiu Oprea

PhD University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest 2008

Ovidiu OPREA, prof. dr. since 2013 at University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science. He is author of over 180 research papers, published in ISI journals. From these, 23 ISI papers have as subject synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles (solvothermal, ionic liquids, precipitation, pyrosol etc) and applications in drug delivery, wound dressing and various other biomedical applications, coatings, antimicrobial food packaging, preservation or photacatalysis.

The main trainings are in the domain of thermal analysis and FTIR, UV-Vis and PL spectrometry. The citation number is over 1800 and has a H-index = 24 (in Web of Science). He is author of a national patent and 6 patent applications. From the 50 awards and special prizes received at international invention exhibitions, 20 are gold medals.

He was manager of 5 national multiannual research projects and was member in other 30 national and international research projects.

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